Trash & Recycling

The Town of Swampscott offers numerous trash and recycling programs to help residents reduce the amount of waste they dispose of.

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Trash schedule and rules
Curbside Recycling
Yard Waste
Other disposal programs (metal, hazardous waste, mercury, textiles)


Goes into effect on August 3
This plan will make several changes to the Town's current trash policy, including:

  • providing residents with one 35-gallon barrel to dispose trash in;
  • require residents to purchase overflow trash bags to dispose of excess trash;
  • require residents to purchase bulk item stickers to dispose of items such as couches, tables, etc. 

For answers to frequently asked questions about the new plan, click here.


Please note: These rules go into effect on Monday, August 3. For the current Trash & Recycling rules, click here.

For a full list of streets and corresponding trash days, click here. Trash and recycling are picked up weekly by the Town's contracted hauler, JRM Hauling & Recycling. Your trash cart, bulky waste items, and recycle receptacles may be placed curbside for collection between 7 PM and 7 AM the evening before the scheduled collection and overflow bags no sooner than 5 AM the morning of the scheduled collection. Overflow bags must be contained indoors or in a sealed container until pick-up day.

BARRELS: Residents MUST use the Town issued 35-gallon barrel. Excess trash that cannot fit in the one barrel must be placed in overflow bags.

OVERFLOW BAGS: Bags can be purchased for $15 for 5 bags. (Bags can be purchased in singles at $3/bag at Town Hall). Bags are available for purchase at these locations:

  • Swampscott Town Hall: 22 Monument Avenue
  • CVS: 413 Paradise Road
  • Stop & Shop: 450 Paradise Road
  • Whole Foods: 331 Paradise Road
  • Walgreens: 505 Paradise Road
  • JRH Services: 197 Essex Street
  • Richdale Convenience Store: 585 Essex Street

BULK ITEMS: Items that cannot fit into a uniform barrel or overflow bag with proper closure must be disposed of and paid for by the resident. 
Residents can purchase stickers to discard bulk items:

Examples: couch, table, kitchen chairs, book case
Purchase bulk stickers at Town Hall or online at (stickers will go on sale July 27)

Examples: Refrigerator, stove, water heater
Purchase white goods stickers through the Town’s waste contractor JRM by calling 800-323-4285.


Swampscott residents are permitted unlimited curbside recycling services. All recyclables must be placed in a recycle barrel or bin that is clearly labeled as “RECYCLE” or has a large recycle symbol on the container. The Health Department can provide a large “recycle” sticker if you would like to use a non-conventional container. For more information about what is recyclable, view the following resources:

the Recycling Flyer here. Check out these other resources that can be helpful when deciding how to recycle items:


YARD WASTE: Disposal of grass, leaves, and trimming up to 1” thick must be placed in paper bags or barrels labeled as “Yard Waste” during the following weeks on your regular trash day. (Weeks of July 27, September 14, October 19, November 16, December 7). For more information about yard waste disposal, click here.

HAZARDOUS WASTE: Information pending

METAL ITEM DROP-OFF: Year-round on the last Saturday of the month from 8am-12pm, DPW Yard, 200 Paradise Rd. Call 781-596-8850 for dates and a list of acceptable items.

MERCURY RECOVERY PROGRAM: Bring household fluorescent bulbs (CFL & SHOP up to 4-feet long), rechargeable batteries (lighter than 2 lbs.) mercury switches, thermostats/thermometers to the Health Department collection area on the third floor at Town Hall.


  • BIG BLUE BARGAINS: A local thrift shop benefiting Swampscott Schools located at the back of the Swampscott Middle School on at 207 Forest Ave.
  • SIMPLE RECYCLING: Discard unwanted clothing, accessories, or small house-hold items in the provided pink bag to be picked up on trash day. For questions, contact Simple Recycling directly by visiting

COMPOSTING: Swampscott does not currently offer a Town-sponsored composting service. For information on how to sign-up for composting through Black Earth Compost, click here.

For guidance for businesses and istitutions on trash, recycling, and food waste removal, click here.