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In 2021, the Town implemented a waste reduction program which:

  • provides residents with one 35-gallon barrel to dispose trash in;
  • requires residents to purchase overflow trash bags to dispose of excess trash;
  • requires residents to purchase bulk item stickers to dispose of items such as couches, tables, etc. 

For answers to frequently asked questions about the plan, click here


For a full list of streets and corresponding trash days, click here. Trash and recycling are picked up weekly by the Town's contracted hauler, Republic Waste. Your trash cart, bulk waste items, and recycle receptacles may be placed curbside for collection between 7 PM and 7 AM the evening before the scheduled collection and overflow bags no sooner than 5 AM the morning of the scheduled collection. Overflow bags must be contained indoors or in a sealed container until pick-up day. On pick-up day, overflow bags can be placed in a trash barrel of your choice, on top of your cart, or on the ground next to it.

BARRELS: Residents MUST use the Town issued 35-gallon barrel. Excess trash that cannot fit in the one barrel must be placed in overflow bags. Barrels must be left behind if a resident moves, as the barrels belong to the address, not the resident of that building. In case of animal damage to the cover of a Town issued barrel, residents can call the Town (Health Department) to request a replacement cover.

OVERFLOW BAGS: Bags can be purchased for $15 for 5 bags. (Bags can be purchased in singles at $3/bag at Town Hall). Bags are available for purchase at these locations:

  • Swampscott Town Hall: 22 Monument Avenue
  • Stop & Shop: 450 Paradise Road
  • JRH Services: 197 Essex Street
  • Richdale Convenience Store: 585 Essex Street
  • Whole Foods: 331 Paradise Road
  • CVS: 413 Paradise Road

BULK ITEMS: Items that cannot fit into a uniform barrel or overflow bag with proper closure must be disposed of and paid for by the resident. Curbside collection residents can purchase stickers to discard bulk items. (Limited to 1 Bulk item per week)

Examples: table, toilet, sink, kitchen chair, book case, couch (3 person), love seat (note, mattresses are no longer accepted as bulk waste items. See the mattress recycling information below for info on how to purchase a sticker)
Purchase bulk stickers at the following locations:

  • Online - click here to order.
  • Swampscott Town Hall: 22 Monument Ave.
  • Whole Foods: 331 Paradise Road
  • Stop & Shop: 450 Paradise Road
  • JRH Services: 197 Essex Street

Examples: Stove, water heater

Contact the Town's contracted waste Hauler, Republic Service by calling 781-289-0500 Callers will need to reference the account number for the Town of Swampscott: 0946777739, or drop off items at Metal Recycling Day (last Saturday of each month, April through December between 8am-12pm at DPW yard, 200 Paradise Rd.)

Examples: Refrigerators, water coolers, air conditioners
Contact the Town’s waste contractor, Republic Service by calling 781-289-0500. Callers will need to reference the account number for the Town of Swampscott: 0946777739, or drop off items at metal recycling day (last Saturday of the month, April through December, DPW yard, 200 Paradise Rd). 


Trees will be picked up the week of January 15th (this is a holiday week) on your normal trash day. Please remove any ornaments, tinsel, lights, stand, plastic bag, etc., as trees will ultimately be shredded.

Yard waste pickup will occur on your regularly scheduled collection day during the following weeks: 

April 22
June 3
July 22
September 9
October 21
November 11
December 9

Pick-up will be delayed by one day on the day of the following holidays and for the remainder of the week.

January 15
February 19
April 15
May 27
June 19
July 4
September 2
October 14
November 11
November 28 
December 25


Swampscott residents are permitted unlimited curbside recycling services. All recyclables must be placed in a recycle barrel or bin that is clearly labeled as “RECYCLE” or has a large recycle symbol on the container. Barrels with lids are preferred over open bins.The Health Department can provide a large “recycle” sticker if you would like to use a non-conventional container. For more information about what is recyclable, view the following resources:

Check out these other resources that can be helpful when deciding how to recycle items:


YARD WASTE: Yard waste pickup will occur on your regularly scheduled collection day during the following weeks of 2024: April 22, June 3, July 22, September 9, October 21, November 11, December 9

Yard waste must be placed in paper bags or barrels labeled as “Yard Waste” on your regular trash day.

  • Acceptable Yard Waste includes: grass, leaves and tree/brush trimmings up to 1 inch thick. 
  • Not Acceptable: soil, stumps, rocks, mulch, and trimmings more than 1 inch thick

COMPOSTING: In partnership with Black Earth Compost, the Town offers two free drop-off locations for composting organic waste (food waste): by the dog park behind the cemetery, and next to the Police Station. You must register to receive a code for the bin. To register and for information on what can and cannot be composted, click here. Black Earth also provides private curb-side residential pick-up services as well at cost. Visit

MATTRESS RECYCLING: The Town of Swampscott offers a Mattress Recycling Program to help residents comply with a recent Mass DEP requirement. Residents can now purchase a $30 MATTRESS RECYCLING sticker at Town Hall Customer Service at 22 Monument Ave, or online at When you purchase a sticker online, the sticker will be mailed to you. Mattresses will be picked up on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month and properly disposed of in recycling.

  • Mattresses must be left out by the curb on your property and must not block the sidewalk
  • Each mattress placed out must have its own mattress sticker
  • Each box spring placed out must have its own sticker
  • Please do not leave mattress out more than 24 hours in advance of pick-up
  • Mattress recycling stickers cannot be purchased from retailers - only online or at Town Hall
  • Contact Health Dept prior to purchasing sticker if you know mattress/box spring has bed bugs, as we need to handle them differently

Note: Bulk stickers are not accepted anymore for mattress recycling. As a sofa bed, or futon cushion is not considered a mattress, they would need a bulk sticker for disposal. 

Learn more about mattress recycling on the Mass DEP website.

STYROFOAM DROP-OFF: March thru December on the last Saturday of the month from 8am-12pm, DPW Yard at 200 Paradise Rd. Package styrofoam in trash bags if possible.  (note: styrofoam is not recycled)

METAL ITEM DROP-OFF: March thru December on the last Saturday of the month from 8am-12pm, - DPW Yard, 200 Paradise Rd. Call 781-596-8850 for dates. Here is a list of acceptable items.

MERCURY RECOVERY PROGRAM: Bring household fluorescent bulbs (CFL & SHOP up to 4-feet long), rechargeable batteries (lighter than 2 lbs.), mercury switches, thermostats/thermometers to the 3rd floor collection area in Town Hall.  Contact the Health Department 781-596-8864 for bulbs longer than 4 feet.


  • SIMPLE RECYCLING: Discard unwanted clothing, accessories, or small household items by scheduling a pick-up. Items can be placed in a bag of any color or a cardboard box (up to 50 pounds) on your doorstep. For more information or to schedule a pickup, go here.

Help keep recyclable material out of your trash bin and the waste stream. You can find a list of local drop-off boxes for books, clothing and more here.

HAZARDOUS WASTE: Residential Household Hazardous Waste collection dates, registration links and fees are published here and communicated through the Town’s communication channels as they become available. Next HHW drop-off event is scheduled for April 27, 2024. This will be a drop-off event mutually held with Marblehead and will be located in Marblehead.  Other options include NEDT in Sutton, MA., CleanHarbors in Braintree, MA, and Minuteman in Lexington, MA.  It is recommended to check their websites for more information.

Below is a flyer from 2023. New flyer for 4/27/24 will be posted shortly.

Hazardous Waste Day

ELECTRONICS: Several retailers take back electronics for recycling/disposal.

Note: Do not confuse electronics with electrical appliances. If you have appliances that are metal and run on electricity (toaster, vacuum, microwave) please visit our metal item page.

APPLIANCES: National Grid has an appliance recycling service which aims to help residents get rid of outdated models that are not energy-efficient. Learn more about the program at  

BATTERY / CELL PHONE RECYCLING You can find more information on how to dispose of small rechargeable batteries and cell phones here.  

MERCURY AND MERCURY-ADDED PRODUCTS Mercury-added products cannot be disposed of in trash. Find out more here what to do with items such as thermometers, fluorescent lamps and more. 

DRUG TAKEBACK: The DEA holds several Drug Takeback Days during which different drop-off locations are set up around the country for individuals to drop off unused medications for proper disposal. The Swampscott Police Dept. often participates in these dates with a drop-off location set up at their station. We recommend contacting the station in advance to see what types of drugs they accept. We also recommend contacted your pharmacy, as most of them will take back unused pharmaceuticals at their pharmacy desk. View the full list of dates as well as a list of year-round drop-off locations here.

CONSTRUCTION & DEMOLITION DEBRIS: Construction and demolition debris are banned from landfills and will not be picked up curbside. You can find more information on pick-up and drop-off options here.


For guidance for businesses and institutions on trash, recycling, and food waste removal, click here.


Use this helpful tool to learn how to recycle items in your home.