Finance Committee

[From the Town of Swampscott Charter]

The moderator shall appoint a Finance Committee consisting of one voter from each precinct and three additional voters at large who shall serve for 3-year terms; provided, however, that not more than two voters from any one precinct shall serve at the same time on the Finance Committee. Matters referred to this Committee shall include all questions pertaining to the appropriation or expenditure of money, the creation of debt, the disposition of town property and all other questions affecting the town, for the purpose of making recommendations, but this shall not prohibit the appointment of special committees to investigate matters pertaining to the town or to execute work authorized by it. The Finance Committee may consult with all departments, officers, employees, agents or committees of the town and all such departments, officers, employees, agents and committees shall furnish such information as they possess that may be required by the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee may also examine all books, vouchers, papers and other instruments in the custody or possession of any officer, employee, agent or committee of the town.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
M. Ronald Mendes Asst Town Administrator, Admin & Finance
Allie Fiske Asst to the Town Administrator