Town Administrator

Mission Statement:

The Town Administrator is responsible for overall management of the affairs of Swampscott's Town Government. The Town Administrator is the Chief Administrative and Financial Officer and is the primary official responsible for implementation of Board of Selectmen policy and town by-laws. The Town Administrator, under the policy direction of the Board of Selectmen, sets the overall strategy for the Town, which drives each Town Department's mission and objectives. The Town Administrator oversees the efficient and effective administration of town government to achieve those goals, and is responsible for ensuring the continued economic, social, and financial success of the Town all while delivering high quality services to Swampscott's residents and taxpayers.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Sean R. Fitzgerald Town Administrator
Gino A. Cresta Jr. Asst Town Administrator, Operations
M. Ronald Mendes Asst Town Administrator, Admin & Finance
Allie Fiske Asst to the Town Administrator