Board of Health

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Board of Health Duties

The purpose of the Board of Health is to promote health and well being for the residents of Swampscott. These goals are attained by educating residents on current health issues and practices, as well as, by developing, implementing and enforcing health policies. These health policies vary in nature from topics including food establishments, dumpsters, body art, swimming pools, wells, smoking, tanning facilities, etcetera. The Board of Health constantly deals with issues of pesticides, rubbish and recycling removal, beach testing and closings, mosquito control and all other health concerns brought by the residents of Swampscott. The Board of Health works closely with other boards in determining the safest, healthiest, most desirable quality of life in our community.

The Board of Health shall enforce all regulations and by-laws relating to environmental control and shall annually submit, for the consideration of Town Meeting, such regulations and by-laws as it deems proper to accomplish its purpose including, but not limited to, matters concerning noise abatement and the like, as provided in clause (22) of Section 21 of Chapter 40 of the General Laws. The Board of Health shall be responsible for advising the Town Administrator and Board of Selectmen on all matters relating to health issues. The Board of Health shall, except as expressly provided herein, have all the powers and duties given to the Board of Health under the constitution of the Commonwealth, the General Laws, and any other general or special law, and such additional powers and duties as may be authorized by the Charter, By-laws, or other Town Meeting votes. The Board of Health may advise the Health Department, when warranted, on all matters.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jeffrey Vaughan Director of Public Health 781-596-8864
Neia Illingworth Public Health Nurse 781-596-8864