Black History Month Proclamation

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WHEREAS: Black History Month is an annual celebration of Achievements by the Black community and a time for recognizing the central role of Black people in our history; and

WHEREAS: This observance affords a special opportunity to become more knowledgeable about Black heritage, and to honor the many Black leaders who have contributed to the progress of our community state, and nation; and

WHEREAS: During Black History Month, Town of Swampscott is committed to celebrating the many achievements and contributions made by Black peoples to Swampscott’s economic, cultural, spiritual, and political development: and

WHEREAS:After the Civil War, Exodusters migrated from the South and settled in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; they brought with them the desire for economic opportunities, freedom from oppression and harassment, and freedom to create their own lives; these settlers played an important role in settling the State of Massachusetts and the Town of Swampscott, as well as the rest of the United States; and

WHEREAS: In 1915, Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson, noted Black scholar and son of former slaves, founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, which was later renamed the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH); and

WHEREAS:Dr. Woodson initiated Black History Week, February 12, 1926; and for many years, the second week of February, chosen so as to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, was celebrated by Black peoples in the United States, and

WHEREAS: In 1976, as part of the nation’s bicentennial, Black History Week was expanded and became established as Black History Month, and is now celebrated all over North America, Canada and Great Britain; and

WHEREAS: While the observance of Black History Month calls our Town’s attention to the continued need to battle racism and to build a society that lives up to it democratic ideals, this year’s celebrations and recognition of Black History Month are especially significant as we reflect on the historic challenges facing our community and our Nation at this time; and 

WHEREAS:Black peoples have played significant roles and made lasting contributions to our Town’s history and the history of our economic, cultural, spiritual and political development, while working tirelessly to contribute to every aspect of American society including business, education, politics, science, and the arts; and

WHEREAS: The Town of Swampscott commits to doing everything in our power to demand that we all seek a greater understanding and implement changes to ensure that racism and the unjust treatment of any person is not tolerated in any way or form within the town of Swampscott.   

WHEREAS:: The Town of Swampscott, continues to be anguished by the MURDER of George Floyd and it remains a shocking failure that many Black peoples, especially young Black men and women, are unfairly harassed and threatened and unjustly treated in our own community and country; and 

WHEREAS:  Black History Month is a time for all Citizens of Swampscott to remember the contributions and legacy of those who helped build our nation, fought against prejudice to secure lives of dignity and opportunity for all of our citizens, advanced the cause of civil rights for all Americans, and strengthened our families and communities;

WHEREAS: we, the Town of Swampscott, do hereby proclaim February 2021 as Black History Month and Black History Year in Swampscott, Massachusetts and urge all our citizens to celebrate our diverse heritage and culture and continue our efforts to create a world that is more just, peaceful and prosperous for all.

In Witness Whereof, we have here unto set our hands and caused to be affixed the GREAT Seal of the Town of Swampscott, Massachusetts, this 3rd day of February, 2021.

Sean Fitzgerald
Chief Ron Madigan
Chief Graham Archer
Ron Mendes
Allie Fiske
Amy Sarro
Heather Husain
David Vera
David Grishman
Amy Grishman
Peter Spellios
Brittney Jones
Polly Titcomb
Laura Spathanas
Ralph W. Edwards
Brent Mills
Lisa Julien-Hayes Children's Service-Swampscott Public Library
Neal Duffy
Ricardo Flores
Aaron Berdofe
Karen Bonner
Corona Pritchard
Deva Djaafar
Tamy-Fee Meneide
Kaley Joyes
Keiko Zoll
Stefanie Tucker
Rebecca Greene
Jeffrey Vaughan
Rosemary Kielnecker
Patricia A. Oduor
Peter McCarriston
Katharine Hatfield
Kailey Tirabassi
Ashley Valcourt
Jamie Greenstein
Stacey Zalanowski
Rebecca Hayes
The Sheridans
Michael Bergman, MD
Abby Bergman
Kristin Roda
Sierra Muñoz
Vera Belitsky 
Susan Korper
Cassie Huddle
Keli Khatib
Kristine Latour Kennedy
Pamela RH Angelakis
Maureen Caron
Ashley Tinkham 
Angela Perez
Max S Kasper
Colleen Finn
Kristen Schoenebeck Baldacci
Scott Cordiner
Richard A.Claveau
Andrew McDonald
Rachel Eisenberg
Jean Bacon
Melissa H. Albert
Maureen A Kellett
Roseann Blum
Ann Hudson
Wayne Aldridge Jr.
Mary Beth Shea
Captain Joseph Kable
Rev. Dr. Anita Farber-Robertson
Michelle Brown
Jim Kinchley
Allison Duffy 
Ilana Bebchick
Kimberly Diamond
Sue Burgess
Diana Eddowes
Margaret Somer
Lise Pass
Alice H. Stein
John and Colette Green
Martha Cesarz
Betsey Cassidy
Janell Cameron
Jill Sullivan
Linda S Jones
James Goncalves 
Stacey Cruwys
Chris Tyrrell
Alison Leiby
Alex Jafarzadeh
William R. DiMento
Andrea Liftman
Sharon Scofield
Shari Cashman
Elizabeth Golden
Evelyn Oquendo
Barbara Hemphill
Matthew Hatfield
Cliff Charney
Loretta Connolly
Kristen Picone Barricelli
Candace Doyle
Matthew Strauss
Randall Hughes
Sue Sussman
Marilyn L Cassidy
Amy OConnor
Bill Quinn
William D. Jones 
Julie McCannon
Suzanne Wright
Carolyn Jones
The Henrys
Naomi R. Dreeben

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