Swampscott Police Complaint Procedure

It is the policy of the Swampscott Police Department to:

  1. Investigate all complaints, including anonymous complaints, against the department or a member of the department, regardless of the source of such complaints, through a regulated, fair, and impartial Internal Affairs Program;
  2. Determine whether or not such complaints are valid; and
  3. Take appropriate action.

Complaint Procedures

In Person Complaint:

Citizens making complaints in person shall be requested to fill out a Citizen Complaint of Police Misconduct Form. After filling this out, they will be asked to read over the completed form, to make any necessary corrections or additions and to sign the complaint form. If a complainant refuses to sign a complaint form, a notation to that effect shall be made on the complaint form by the Officer-in-Charge. The complainant will then be given a copy of the completed complaint form signed by the Officer-in-Charge.

Telephone Complaint:

Citizens may make complaints by telephone. They will be informed that their signed complaint is requested; however, no telephone complaint shall be refused or rejected because the complainant does not wish to sign a complaint form or because [s]he does not wish to be identified.

Complaints Received by Mail/Electronic Mail:

Complaints of misconduct or mistreatment by a department employee may also be filed by mail or e-mail.  

Verification of Receipt:

Every person making a complaint against a police department employee shall receive a copy of his/her complaint to serve as a receipt verifying that such complaint has been received and is being processed. When a complaint is made in person, the supervisor receiving the complaint will ensure that the complainant receives a copy of his/her complaint to serve as a written verification that the complaint has been received. When a complaint is received over the telephone the mail, or email, the complaint will be forwarded to the Officer In Charge of Internal Affairs, who shall be responsible for ensuring that the complainant is sent a copy of his/her complaint to serve as a written verification that the complaint has been received, provided that the complainant can be identified. The complainant will also be notified that they will receive a response from the department within thirty (30) days regarding the status or conclusion of the investigation.