Update on Waste Reduction Program

The following is an update from Town Administrator Sean Fitzgerald about the new Waste Reduction Program going into effect on Monday, August 3.

  • By now, each household should have received 1 new town-issued trash barrel. Inside each barrel, there is a free sleeve of 5 overflow bags.
  • Be sure to remove these before you dispose of your trash.
  • If you have not received your barrel by tomorrow, Saturday, August 1st, please call Swampscott Customer Service at 781-596-8850 on Monday and one will be provided as soon as possible. If you have not received your cart by your trash day, you will not be penalized and your trash will be picked up.
  • To allow residents the opportunity to adjust, households that are not in compliance with the new program will initially only be issued warning stickers , but the trash will still be picked up.
  • I want to emphasize that overflow trash bags MAY BE STORED AND PUT in one of your old trash barrels on trash day. Alternatively, you are also welcome to place the bag on top of or next to your barrel.
  • Beginning September 1st, the Town will be offering community composting at two locations throughout Town at no cost to residents.
  • In addition, residents can now dispose of their Styrofoam at the monthly metal recycling drop-offs at the DPW on the last Saturday of every month at no cost to residents.  Styrofoam must be in sealed trash bags to be dropped off.   Please stay tuned for addition details on these programs.
  • The Swampscott website has a comprehensive list of FAQs, including what to do with your old barrels, where to buy overflow bags and bulk item stickers, and new programs the Town is implementing to help you reduce waste. For more information, click here.