Hadley Elementary School Reuse Advisory Committee

The Hadley Reuse Advisory committee is pleased to present their final Report on Re-use Options for the Hadley School Elementary Site.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact staff coordinator Molly O'Connell: moconnell@swampscottma.gov

Project Documents

Upcoming Meetings:
Tuesday, July 27th - All Committee 


All committee meetings begin at 6 pm unless otherwise noted on the agenda. Meetings are currently conducted through Zoom.

Thank you to all who submitted responses to the Community Survey. The survey is now closed, and results can be viewed here.

The Hadley School Reuse Advisory Committee was formed to study the potential reuse of the Hadley Elementary School in the event a new combined K through 4 elementary school is built at the location of the current Stanley Elementary School and the Hadley Elementary School is deemed excess by the Swampscott School Department. The Hadley School Reuse Advisory Committee will study and report back, in part, on the feasibility of re-using all or a portion of the existing Hadley School building for public, civic, commercial, and/or non-market rate housing uses.

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