Energy Reduction Plan

The Town of Swampscott took its first steps to reduce its energy consumption when the Board of Selectmen signed the Energy Resolution on December 18, 2007. The resolution called for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 12% by 2014 and by 20% by 2020, measured from a 2005 benchmark.

As part of the process to become designated as a Green Community, the REC worked with Town Hall, the School District, and consultants to develop a complete Energy Reduction Action Plan (or download text-only version). The plan was completed May 6, 2010 and can be download.

The Town of Swampscott will reduce the amount of energy consumed by 20% from a baseline set at July 2008 - June 2009 at all its municipal and school facilities by creating, implementing, and following the Energy Reduction Action Plan over the next five years (2010-2014). The objective of the plan is to guide the fiscally and environmentally responsible usage of energy while maintaining a level of service within the Town that residents have come to expect.

Key elements of the plan include:
  • Execution of an Energy Services Contract (ESCo) with Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) utilizing the results of the Investment Grade Energy Audit completed in February 2010 of all municipal and school buildings in Swampscott;
  • Construction of an Energy Efficiency Improvement project at the Town’s wastewater pumping station, in collaboration with National Grid;
  • Continued efforts to evaluate, design, and implement renewable energy installations in Town;
  • Accurate measurements and analysis of energy use including an annual review of trends and costs;
  • Continuing operation of the Swampscott Renewable Energy Committee to keep residents involved;
  • Applying energy efficient and sustainable building practices to the extent feasible in all major facility construction/renovation projects.

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