Open Space & Recreation Plan 2013-2020

Historic Fisherman's Beach

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This Plan represents Swampscott’s desire to provide, maintain, enhance and protect its natural areas and recreational facilities. In doing so, the Plan sets a direction and outline of current issues as well as viable actions to ensure that the open space areas in Swampscott can be enjoyed by all residents and visitors.

The Town of Swampscott is a small beach community whose scenic resources and unique environments are linked to its historic settlement patterns, which were largely influenced and defined by the ocean. There is relatively little open and recreational space, as the town is largely built out and densely populated. With very little undeveloped, buildable land remaining, development in town consists mostly of redevelopment, by removing old structures and increasing density with new buildings. Loss of view corridors and access to the ocean, and encroachment on conservation land and public parks and right-of-ways are critical concerns.

This ambitious Plan is designed to be implemented over a seven-year period. The action items identify responsible parties and encourage ownership, participation and a roadmap to accomplish the following goals:

  • Maintain Open Spaces & Recreation Facilities
  • Improve Public Access & Awareness
  • Expand & Improve Open Spaces & Recreation Facilities to Meet Needs
  • Preserve the Scenic Character of the Town
  • Strengthen Environmental Protection
  • Establish a Green Corridor Network

This Open Space and Recreation Plan is the first update since the original plan in 1983. It represents a renewed commitment to the town and its residents to protect and improve our limited open space and precious resources, and to improve recreation areas, making them more useful and accessible so that they may be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.