Machon Elementary School Redevelopment

Machon Elementary School Redevelopment Project

Contact developerThe Town of Swampscott is looking to have the former Machon Elementary School redeveloped. The property has been vacant and unused since 2007. The site includes a large masonry building built in 1920 with an addition made in the 1960s.The building includes about 31,000 square feet of interior space across two floors and a basement. The property (1.03 acres) fronts on Burpee Road and abouts Jackson Park and Jackson Woods with easy access to the Swampscott High School and Senior Center.

The Property is located in the A-3 Residential District, which is addressed in the Swampscott Zoning By-laws.

Project Plan

The Town of Swampscott (through its Board of Selectmen and Town Meeting) have approved a project proposal for redevelopment by B'na B'rith Housing. The redevelopment will include:

  • Conversion of the original 1920 portion of the building
  • Removal of the one-story 1960s addition and replacement with a new addition
  • Building will become 38, one-bedroom units of affordable senior housing
  • There will be 48 off-street parking spaces incorporated on the site (split between two parking lots)

Current Phase

The Zoning Board of Appeals voted to grant the comprehensive permit request for the development to B'nai B'rith Housing at their hearing on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

The application materials are available for review here.

If you're interested in living at this new development, you can contact B'nai B'rith Housing to be added to a list. You can contact the senior project manager, Yara Vergucht, by email or by phone (617) 238-6088.

Neighborhood Notices: As the developer works towards receiving their permits for the project, they will perform various site work studies to further inform their construction plans. If you would like to be notified of any future testing work at the property, please join our contact list. To do so, send an email to Marzie Galazka and ask to be added to the "Machon School Pre-Construction Notice" email list.

Redevelopment Schedule

Community ForumFebruary 11, 2015COMPLETE
Release of Request for Interest, Ideas, and Innovation (RFI)August 7, 2015COMPLETE
Pre-Submittal Meeting & Property ViewingAugust 28, 2015COMPLETE
RFI Responses DueSeptember 18, 2015COMPLETE
Public Presentaiton of ResponsesNovember 10, 2015COMPLETE
Release of Request for ProposalsFebruary 17, 2016COMPLETE
Pre-Submittal Meeting & Property ViewingMarch 4, 2016COMPLETE
Proposals DueMarch 21, 2016COMPLETE
Provisional Designation of Development Team by Board of SelectmenApril 28, 2016COMPLETE
Town Meeting Approval of Development Team SelectionMay 2016COMPLETE
Sign Ground Lease and Land Development Agreement with Development TeamDecember 7, 2016COMPLETE
Approval by Board of Selectmen of Schematic PlansApril 26, 2017COMPLETE
Comprehensive Permit Process with ZBAAugust 22, 2017GRANTED
Start of ConstructionTBD (based on finalizing funding and permitting) 
ConstructionUp to 18 months 

Additional Documents